We like looking into marketing predictions and trends for the year so we can keep one step ahead for our clients. With that in mind, we thought we’d share with you a quick list of predictions for this year and the next…

The Importance of the Mobile experience

This year users and consumers are demanding a better, faster and more accurate digital experience than ever before and the mobile web is no exception. Did you know that you now have only 3 seconds to keep a user happy? If your site takes longer than that to load properly on a mobile device you are looking at a whopping 53% drop off of clients who will go to your competitors!

Online video to take over from TV screens

For the first time, this year users will spend more time online than they would be sitting in front of television screens. As half of our staff are over 40 yrs old and got bought up on Thundercats, He-Man, Trapdoor and The Raggy Dolls, that fact blows our minds!!

The value of custom content will increase

This has always been important but even more so going forward into 2010. Research shows that the reliability of information serves as the most important criterion for 86% of the online audience, and among millennials, this percentage is even higher. What data do they particularly trust? Custom reviews, photos and videos allow you to reach a wide target audience, provide high brand credibility and increase customer loyalty.

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