Everything in business starts with research, research into products, services, client behaviour, demographics etc. Running a successful search engine optimisation campaign is no different, below are a few things to consider when building your campaign.


Prioritize relevance of keywords to service/product

All research results need to be prioritized to ensure you have the most relevant data, this way you can target your campaign far more productively.


Cost of keyword

This will directly affect your budget, you wouldn’t have a budget of £100 for example and choose a keyword that was £100 Cost per Click!


Visibility of keyword

Does the keyword get the most exposure to make it relevant for the SEO campaign?


KEI (Key efficiency index)

This is the Visibility/ Cost/ Searches algorithm (This can change every day so it is important to run these KEI daily to keep on top of the most relevant keywords for your campaign)


Search volume

Does your keyword get looked at a lot? If not then don’t waste time optimising for that term, concentrate on long-tail optimisation for that.


Expected visits

Does your Keyword actually generate any traffic? If not again don’t use it

This is just a brief guide on how to research your keywords effectively, by using tools within Google Adwords etc you can get some great insight into what to use and when to use it by using their trends feature too!

If you’re completely baffled and confuddled, send us your keywords, we’ll look into them for you! Click here 

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