Countless times I hear that Facebook Ad campaigns don’t encourage people to buy and that they simply don’t work….Nonsense, they do, you’re just not doing them right!

The biggest mistakes people make when running Ad Campaigns in Facebook are all too common and can be avoided really easily….make yourself a quick brew and have a look through these 7 mistakes that you can avoid.


Too much text in the image

Firstly if you put far too much text on your image then you’ll be stopped by Facebook anyway from posting your advert. However if you put a lot of text on your image and Facebook allows it you’re making the message you’re trying to get over far too complicated, Facebook Ads should be easy to understand and striking.


Too much detail

This follows on from the 1st point really, when you are trying to get your message across to the end user don’t confuse them with too much detail i.e too many offers on one advert.


Bad images

The very first thing that your end user will see is the image. Choosing the image is extremely important so that you don’t put your audience off…for example scary, offensive and upsetting imagery wouldn’t encourage a user to read your campaign and engage in it. Make sure you show your product/service in the best light possible.


Copy errors

There’s nothing more infuriating than having spelling errors in the copy you use in Facebook Ad campaigns. It makes the brand look unprofessional, sloppy and lacking attention to detail.


Boring Headlines

Your headline needs to be catchy and add value to the end user, a call to action, a helpful blog post or an offer someone can’t afford to miss!


No Calls to action

Users need to be told what you want them to do, if there are no calls to action, such as subscribe here, call us today for your free…, or alternatively get a quote for free, you are unlikely to get them to engage with your Advert.

targetingPoor targeting

This is one of the most common as to why Facebook Ads don’t work for people. If you don’t target your Facebook Campaign to the right age groups, locations, sectors that you have identified as your target market you will lose your investment very quickly and the Ad Campaign simply won’t work.

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