A positive message for clients and business owners

This article was written by Yellow Circle Staff, at Yellow Circle

Positivity through COVID19

At Yellow Circle, we, like the majority of businesses have moved to working remotely. I wanted to take this time to cover a couple of important things to consider if you’re a business owner.

Firstly, our own clients have nothing to worry about. Their service will remain at the same high level as it always does. We are all on hand and available to you as normal. All of our customer websites, design work, and other projects are continuing as normal and we can hold face to face meetings via Video chat with anyone that requires a meeting with us.

I also, want to point out this nice comment we received just yesterday from a customer

As a client I received my proposal quote bang on time. Great job.

Marketing Manager, Law Firm

I’ve purposely kept the quote anonymous, though it was posted publicly on our LinkedIn page.

We are all actively working for you.

Now is the time to focus, plan and come out of this stronger

The common way of thinking during periods of uncertainty is to grab hold of everything we can and hold onto it tightly, often not thinking about anything other than the things that are absolutely essential. However, I would put forth this thought to you. If you were planning on attending a trade show or event, to get new business, make new contacts and gain financially, that opportunity is now gone. Instead, you need to be thinking about how you’re still going to promote your business.

The absolute best way to do that right now is online. People are at home, the internet is being used more than ever.

Spending your marketing budget on getting your website updated, your social media page active and communicating with your customers and making sure your company is presented in the best possible way is imperative.

Because, people (and yes, I remember at school they always said you couldn’t start a sentence with because, but we now all know you can), WE ARE GOING TO GET THROUGH THIS, TOGETHER.