In this interview we will be talking to Julie Mirowski of Rydale Roofing, read about one of the loveliest business people we’ve ever met and my personal BF Twitter pal…

Firstly let’s take a look at Rydale Roofing, have a read of their mission statement below;

‘Mission statement of Rydale Roofing’

‘Rydale Roofing is a long-established, family run business who provide top quality roofing systems and services to a large range of customers throughout Staffordshire and the surrounding areas.

Our customer’s needs come first and we work tirelessly to achieve these at a price that is both realistic and affordable. In return, our customers receive a premium service from a highly efficient team that is dedicated to the task in hand and always to the highest standards.

Our aim is to ensure that our customers receive a quality of service which is second to none. This customised service is combined with honesty and integrity, but most of all, a commitment to excellence and high levels of customer satisfaction.

We have built up a reputation for professionalism, reliability and top quality craftsmanship which we seek to maintain. We are only satisfied when customers’ expectations have been exceeded and our services viewed as excellent value for money.

Our commitment to excellence extends to our team of experienced and fully qualified roof tilers. Their loyalty is repaid by ongoing investment in training programmes which ensures that they are equipped with up to date skills and knowledge which benefits our customers’

So, with that said let’s hand it over to Julie who will give us an in-depth, fascinating look at her career history and how Rydale Roofing is the place to turn to…’

How did Rydale Roofing come into the business world?

‘I left my all-girls grammar school with the sole intention of becoming a mobile hairdresser (much to the dismay of my teachers I’m guessing!) and I started to work in a salon the very next day. I then completed a 3 year apprenticeship and the day that finished I left and became self-employed and have never been anything other than that since!

I was a very successful mobile hairdresser too as I had a full appointment book every week for the whole 20 years I traded except for two x ten week absence’s following the birth of our two sons! 

My husband Mick also left school and headed straight into employment but was the victim of Margaret Thatcher’s recession and was redundant at the age of 18 grabbing odd jobs here and there for the next two years! Eventually, he started a full-time job at Rists Wires & Cables where he worked until he was offered a job in the Mines alongside his Dad at last!

He was a miner for 10years until Mrs Thatcher decided to close the pits (you can see why we not Conservative peeps)

We used his redundancy money to set up a roofing company as he had worked on the roofs previously and there were little other options open to us at that point! The name Rydale is a mix of our two son’s names, Ryan & Dale.’

What are the negatives of your sector?

‘The main negatives of roofing are that it’s a trade that has a slightly dodgy reputation especially since the ” builders from hell” programmes became popular. Anyone can become a roofer, no qualifications are necessary and there are so many dubious companies that will provide a cheap but less than satisfactory service out there it’s hard to compete. We don’t cut corners, especially with healthcarewell pharmacy and health and safety so can’t always be competitive on price and sadly a lot of people just want the cheapest job doing! ‘

What are your aspirations for the future?

‘My aspirations for the future – we have recently begun to diversify into the Renewable energy market and are about to gain our MCS accreditation which will then enable us to design and install Solar PV systems. I’m beginning to look at adding another product to our services, Solar Thermal systems that use the Sun to produce your hot water and heating. I think this will sit well in our company portfolio. ‘

What are your 3 rules to success?

  • Work hard 
  • Never accept no for an answer
  • Never look back

Thank you to Julie for her precious time in giving us a unique insight into her business and how Rydale Roofing can help you.

If you would like to follow Julie on Twitter you can do so here @juliebobs

This article was written by Kate Hazeldine, the Sales Director at Yellow Circle Web Solutions Limited. Kate has over 15 years of experience in Sales and marketing. If you would like to speak to Kate about how she can help your website generate more business email her.

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