An Interview with Mark Swann of UK Business IT Ltd

This article was written by Kate, at Yellow Circle

An interview with Mark Swan UK Business IT

UK Business IT Ltd is a privately owned, independent, full business-to-business IT & Technology infrastructure company, operating from a central base in Stoke on Trent, serving Staffordshire and neighbouring counties.

The UK Business IT Team is led by Mark Swann who has over twenty five years experience in delivering first class IT Systems & Support Services. Mark is uncompromising in his pursuit of service excellence and every member of the experienced and qualified team is totally dedicated to providing the same first class customer experience.

We met Mark when we joined our local excellent marketing referral network at Business For Breakfast in The Retreat at Leek. We were extremely impressed by his commitment,dedication and drive so decided we’d give him a quick write up on our popular blog, so here you go Mark, take it away…

What got you interested in the sector you are in?
‘I’ve always worked in IT from having a keen interest when I was at school. When they introduced Computer Studies at my school, they allowed me to drop French and this was such a relief I ‘embraced it with open arms’ and it didn’t take us kids long to both catch and overtake the teacher who was learning about two weeks ahead of us. My parents also bought me a ZX81 and to be honest, I was away……26 years later I’m still working in IT.’

Why did you go into business for yourself?
‘I’ve always wanted to own my own company and having already been the chief a couple of times now, this felt like the right thing to do.’

What are the negatives about your sector and how do you differ?
‘Lots of people in IT who know a little more than the customer and therefore come across as the expert. We have a team of people who each have long histories working in this sector and generally our advice is based upon experience, honesty and a determined willingness to do the very best for our customers. Our people are the key difference in our company and this is evident in everything we do.’

What are your aspirations for the future?
‘Over the next 3-5 years we will be building on the fantastic company that we are and opening up branches in other towns and cities. Using a North Staffordshire base, we can get to 12 million people within one hour.’

What are your 3 rules to success?
‘Be honest’
‘Be determined’
‘Never eat yellow snow’

With much appreciation we thank Mark for giving up his valuable time to interest us all with his world, regarding tech issues he always manages to keep you at your ease, which is why we have come to like and trust him.

You can contact Mark here  for any issues or queries regarding your technological needs.

This article was written by Kate Hazeldine, the Sales Director at Yellow Circle Web Solutions Limited. Kate has over 15 years experience in retail and marketing. If you would like to speak to Kate about how she can help your website generate more business email her.