Branding vs Logo: What’s the difference?

This article was written by Callum, at Yellow Circle



There’s a lot of confusion surrounding the difference between a brand and a logo. So much that it’s even a top searched Google question. So, what’s the difference? Your brand is the perception of your business to customers and the public, and your logo, is a crucial part of your visual identity.

What is a brand and why is it important?

As we mentioned before, your brand is how you’re perceived, whether that’s by customers, businesses or just in general. Your brand encompasses the visual, emotional and the product sides of your business. But what does that mean?


The emotional side of your brand is often created by what you do and how you do it. Have you ever had a call from a really pushy salesman who just wouldn’t leave you alone? If you have, I guarantee that affected how you think about that company.


Here’s an example of how a product can affect brand perception: you’ve made your decision and you know which flooring you’re going with but there’s a problem. One week after it’s been fitted, several of the boards have cracked and the whole thing needs to be ripped up and replaced. 

Your perception of that brand changes at this point, and you’ve gone from loving it to thinking it’s a low quality product and therefore a low quality brand.


This is where logos, graphics, imagery and design all come into play. The visual side of your brand is what people recognise when they see it on screen or in print. When a customer sees your advert for example, it should be consistent and easily recognisable as your company.

But if your brand is based on perception, what are their thoughts when they see it? Do they see a dated logo and pixelated imagery? If so, you may have just lost that potential customer as their perception of your brand is one of poor quality.

Or do they see a brand that stands out from their competitors through good design, consistency and attention to detail? If that’s the case, you’ve more than likely made an impression on that customer, become part of their decision making process and at the very least they’ll remember you.

Where does the logo come into this?

Your logo is a key part of the visual identity for your brand, but it’s not the whole brand. Your visual identity requires consistency to be successful. You could have the greatest logo in the world, but if you’re using 12 different fonts and 8 different shades of the same colour then you’re going to struggle in gaining much recognition.

How do I combine all these things?

This is where Yellow Circle can help. We’re a team of designers, developers and marketers who create meaningful and purposeful brands that are built to last, and built for success. We take great care in communicating your brand’s vision, values, culture and personality whilst ensuring that you stand out from your competitors.

Our creative team can design the perfect brand roadmap that helps you travel towards consistency. To arrange an initial brand consultation, please call us on 01782 279203. We would love to chat with you.