Client Care Case Study

This article was written by Yellow Circle Staff, at Yellow Circle



Our client has a successful e-commerce website which receives significant sales each month. Initially, they approached us about website support for a one-off project. We recommended Client Care, our monthly support plan as it would have been more cost-effective and given the client continuous support rather than just the one-off instance. However, the client was convinced that no further website problems would arise. Consequently, they decided not to take out the monthly plan and instead opted for one-off support. For a while, everything was fine with their website.

The problem

The Yellow Circle office was closed for the Christmas holiday. During this time, we had an email from the client stating that a new member of their staff had decided to make some “improvements” to their website. This resulted in the website going entirely offline, leaving them unable to take new orders or process existing ones. Understandably, the client was in a panic as they were losing sales and were receiving numerous phone calls about the problem. As the client opted not to take out Client Care, they once again had to pay for ad-hoc support, which was outside of regular operating business hours. We worked as fast as we could. In total, their website was offline for around 48 hours, as we found several other issues that had arisen. They also didn’t plan for any outages, and so they had not made any back-ups of their data.

The solution

We fixed the issue and restored the website to a back-up we had on file for them. We found that the problem had arisen in the first place due to outdated software being upgraded without first upgrading the hosting platform and CMS. The client was very grateful for our efforts, but this could have been avoided entirely had they opted for our support plan in the first instance. We are happy to say that they have now decided to sign up for Client Care, giving them peace of mind that their site is now fully managed and looked after by us.

Every month they will receive:

  • Daily back-up on a 7-day rotation
  • Monthly software updates
  • Monthly security patches
  • Software upgrades and new features
  • Guaranteed support response within 1 hour
  • Guaranteed same-day disaster recovery

No matter how great your website is, regular maintenance and security updates are essential to ensure that your website runs at peak efficiency and your business remains online. To help as many businesses as possible, we have a special offer running – a 40% discount, on our Premium Plan (currently available at the same price as our Standard Plan).