Before charging ahead with your Social Media Campaign, you need a PLAN….Take 5 minutes out of your day, stick a brew on and we’ll go through the basics for you!

  • Determine your goals for your Social Media Campaign before you go charging ahead- It’s very easy to waste time on Social media so make sure you determine what you want to achieve, more brand recognition? More Revenue? More contacts?
  • Understand your audience- Make sure you study demographics of your target audience, it’s important to know their habits, where they are engaging, not everyone in the world is on every social media platform, and this will make it easier to engage with them if you are talking to correct people!
  • Decide on your content- You need to decide on a few separate topics in order to know what you are going to say. For example are you going to focus on one particular product? Are you going to focus on customer service? Is your focus going to be on establishing how old your company is and what a great reputation you have? By working out a few separate topics and listing them it is much easier to implement the content when you are ready to start your Social media campaign.
  • Ensure continuity- It is important that if you are on all social media platforms that your brand is consistent, contact details, what you do and why what you do could benefit your audience. Users like familiarity therefore are far more likely to engage if they feel they ‘know’ you.
  • Create a strategy of Social Media usage- As previously stated it is very easy to spend far too much time on social media so it is important to set aside some time every day to interact/ post/tweet etc. Identify who will be responsible for the campaign, who will be posting/tweeting and what kind of restrictions do they have to prevent them saying something inappropriate etc. Put into place procedures to follow so that the campaign is in safe hands, and is running efficiently.
  • Set a budget so that you know how much you are going to spend i.e. for ROI purposes and to ensure an accurate marketing budget for you or your employer.
  • Ensure you can measure the effectiveness of your campaign by using calls to actions on each of your social media platforms. They need to be different so for example ‘Please quote TWEET1 to get your free…’ ‘Please quote FACEBOOK1 to get your free….’ This way you can measure which platform is the most effective and accurately determine your Return on Investment.

These are just the basics really, there can be a need for a much more in depth strategy before starting your campaign, hopefully we’ve made it slightly easier for you! Give us a shout if you’d like to talk through the plan for your business, every sector is different and will need different things!

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