Algorithms are REALLY confusing, they can blow your mind and your rankings, so we’ve decided to break them down for you….

Google indexes websites using a variety of Algorithms all designed to find the best site for the users enquiry, below some popular algorithms and how they affect your site;

pigeon-pic-resizedHoming Bird
Pigeon- Pigeon looks for geographical markers on your homepage, for example your address on the homepage, if it’s not there Google will rarely show you up in the top 10 closest to the geographical location of the user (Otherwise known as ‘Google Local’ ) You have far more chance of showing up here also if you have a Google+ account as Google indexes sites far quicker if you do) More accurate local search results for queries- Google wants to bring the best search experience possible, this algorithm is just a way to do that.

The Cute Mammalpanda-pic-resized
Panda- Content is king (no keyword stuffing, poor quality content, duplicated content etc; If you have good quality content on your site you are far more likely to show up in Google’s rankings for a particular conversational based query, this is now the trend for users worldwide, starting a search enquiry with, What, Where, Why, How etc. If you have poor quality content you are least likely to be rewarding by Google as it will index your site as pointless in the eyes of the user. This algorithm looks at duplicate, common and unique content, trust us when we say Panda cannot be fooled. Put the effort into your website with good quality, consistent content and you will be rewarded with higher rankings.

penguin-resizedThe Flightless Bird
Penguin- Spammy links paid for, low quality back-links, Over-optimized anchors. Simply put, too many occurrences of the same anchor text on your website just looks really spammy. Google’s algorithm knows that therefore can sometimes ‘Sandbox’ your website. This means it will disappear from Google’s rankings for a while until Google indexes the site again, however, in some instances sites have been known to be removed from search engines permanently.

Having good quality links is massively important as if you link from a site that is Page Rank 8 but you are merely a Page Rank 2 Google will believe that you are far more important than you actually are, therefore you will appear higher in the rankings based off good quality links as you will be in authority of a query in Google’s eyes.

The Fast and Precise Birdhummingbird-resized

Hummingbird- Based around conversational based queries not just keywords, put your keyword in a question your client is likely to ask in your content/blog etc. and voila! If you’re not answering a question these days then chances are you won’t be showing as high as you once were, this is because Google now takes into account that 47% of traffic comes collectively from mobile phone users and people tend to use SIRI for example and ask, ‘How do I keep my roses healthy in the winter?’

mobile-phone-resizedThe one that will effect you the quickest!

Mobilegeddon – Google will give ‘preference’ to mobile friendly sites J it will drop rankings for non mobile friendly- Mobile friendly means that your site will reconfigure itself on smartphones and tablets so that you can view the content properly. If you are not mobile friendly then you will start dropping through the rankings. Also your bounce rate will go through the roof if you are non friendly on a mobile as users tend to be very impatient when they are looking for something they need on the internet. For example, if they are made to ‘pinch and zoom’ to find an answer they will simply ‘bounce’ from your site to a competitors site.

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