Has your voice changed?

This article was written by Yellow Circle Staff, at Yellow Circle

Branding - has your message or your customer base changed? Does your brand portray your business to your current market?

As your business grows and evolves opportunities will come along that require a fundamental change in your approach, tone and messaging.

Make sure your messaging is right

Your existing messaging, design and packaging may have been suitable when you started your business and your customer base only consisted of small businesses, but as you begin to win bigger and more prestigious contracts it may become less relevant because your customer base has changed. You need to update your brand to talk to those new, bigger players in the marketplace that you are now doing business with, otherwise, your message does not convey the level at which your business is operating.

We know about this stuff

We ourselves have undergone this change a few times over the years. When we first started out, we only offered brochure style websites. As time progressed and the business grew, we were approached by customers asking us to undertake more complex work, including e-commerce and content managed websites. We had to rethink and recommunicate our message to ensure that it was understood that we now offered a wider range of sites.

Is your brand actually saying the right things about your business?

Make sure your voice is accurately reflecting what your business does and the type of customer you provide your service or products to. If you want to find out more about branding, rebranding and the strategy you can employ, visit our branding page