Interview with Callum Williams, Graphic Designer

This article was written by Abbie, at Yellow Circle



In this interview, we will be talking to Callum Williams, the Graphic Designer at Yellow Circle. His role involves crafting unique branding, website designs and designs for printed materials. Callum loves a creative challenge and works closely with clients to turn their thoughts into a unique online and offline presence.


What would you say you love most about your job?

Creating something new. I love when a client is brave enough to try something different and push the boundaries whether that be a brand refresh or a new website, I love having a blank canvas (artboard) in front of me where I can explore plenty of different routes and options for a client.But a close second is definitely the relationships I’ve built with some of our clients where a 5 minute phone call can (sometimes) turn into a long chat about football, moving house, anything really! That personal approach was one of the main things that bought me to Yellow Circle in the first place.


Up to this point, what is your favourite memory?

My favourite office memories are really any time that everyone was all together and we were able to have a laugh and obviously wind each other up a bit. 😉


How have you been keeping sane during lockdown?

Rupert, our cat, has definitely helped keep me sane during lockdown! As well as plenty of tv, and some bits and pieces of home renovation we’ve been able to do.



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