Interview with Ian Hazeldine, Managing Director

This article was written by Abbie, at Yellow Circle



In this interview, we will be talking to Ian Hazeldine, one of the directors at Yellow Circle. His role involves meeting with clients and exploring robust solutions to help them achieve their goals. He’s well-known in the business networking domain and is skilled in building relationships and, of course, having a good laugh with everyone.


What would you say you love most about your job?

The thing I most love about my job is how diverse the work can be and the different people I meet and work with, and I mean both the staff and our customers. I am fortunate to have great people to work with and I truly value their efforts every day. Our customer base is very diverse and I met with and worked with people over the years who have become friends, not just customers.


Up to this point, what is your favourite memory?

My favourite memory  – tricky one that. I think work wise, it would have to be back in 2007 when Yellow Circle was formed. I placed an advertisement with Yellow Pages (yes, Yellow Pages, not and a few days later the phone rang…”Hello, I am looking to have a new website designed and I wondered if you could help me?” – I remember jumping up after that call and much like Janine from Ghostbusters, shouting “WE GOT ONE!”


How have you been keeping sane during lockdown?

Work has been occupying a lot of my time, as you can imagine. Aside from that, last summer during the first lock down we had BBQs outside with the children, thanks to our extended summer.  My wife and I have re-discovered movies and TV series. I can particularly recommend Servant on Apple TV and White House Farm on Netflix as two good shows. Oh and yeah, wine. That helped too.


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