Interview with Josh Brian, Web Developer

This article was written by Abbie, at Yellow Circle



In this interview, we will be talking to Josh Brian the Web Developer at Yellow Circle. Josh’s role involves building website designs, providing technical support and carrying out website training for our clients. Josh is not only a skilled Developer; his ability to produce websites at a high quality and with a quick turn around makes him an asset to our clients and our team.


What would you say you love most about your job?

I love building a new site from the ground up and seeing the final result is always very rewarding. Our design team are always coming up with great designs that are unique to each client so every new project is always something new so it keeps me on my toes.


Up to this point, what is your favourite memory?

I would probably say around Christmas time (Pre lockdown) when everyone got together and we had a day of playing all sorts of games. But I have plenty of good memories from when we were back in the office and being able to have a laugh with everyone once again when all this over is something I’m looking forward to!


How have you been keeping sane during lockdown?

Football coming back has helped a lot, as well as plenty of Netflix. 🙂



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