Operation Day After Tomorrow

This article was written by Yellow Circle Staff, at Yellow Circle

Yellow Circle Team

We know, in these uncertain times, that your website and online marketing activities are probably at the back of your mind.

We have never experienced a situation like this in our business lives and have seen two trains of thought so far as we all try to navigate this period, we thought we’d share them with you…

Stop everything and keep the money close as we don’t know when this will end


When this does end – and it will – we’ll need to make sure we’re in the strongest position possible, both online and off.

At Yellow Circle, we have been taken aback by the number of business owners following the second train of thought rather than the first, and it’s with this in mind we have decided to launch Operation Day After Tomorrow. Operation Day After Tomorrow is designed to look to the future when this is over. It is designed to find out what YOU need from us and what we can help you with. We have already helped many clients as well as potential clients that have called at this time with website technical issues and SEO problems. It would help us greatly if we knew what would be beneficial to you at this time from an online marketing point of view.

So, as a few examples below:

  • Are you having technical issues with your website?
  • Do you need help with resizing images for blog posts or products?
  • Do you need advice on how to get your message to your clients?
  • Can you utilise the prime ‘real estate’ on your homepage better to communicate important news to your clients and potential clients?
  • Is all of your information on Google Local correct?

If we know what you’re struggling with – we can help you to reach out to your clients.

Contact us today with any problems you may be facing or for advice kate@yellowcircle.co.uk, we’re here to help!