Angel Wills.

Branding & Graphic Design Project


Angel Wills, a will writing company with a difference wanted a different way to brand themselves. Though they service they offered was quite a traditional one, they wanted their brand to move away from the straight and basic imagery often associated with the business of will writing. They asked us to come up with something modern, that would disassociate them from the usual ‘doom and gloom’ feeling of writing a will. 


We wanted to create a brand, not a logo for Angel Wills. The logo itself forms part of the overall brand, it’s not the brand itself.

We devised a concept that incorporated family images, something that people have in their mind whilst thinking about writing a will, and them complimented these with bold coloured backgrounds across a range of advertising media including billboards, subway signage, brochures and magazine advertisements. The halo seen above the people in the designs is a key part of the branding and illustrates the personal and protective relationship between Angel Wills and their clients.

“We absolutely love the new branding design. It’s exactly what we wanted. A great experience, with a great team of designers. Nothing was too much trouble and Yellow Circle are very forward thinking.”

– Angel Wills

Above: The branding for Angel Wills seen on a large subway style billboard.
Below: hand-drawn sketch ideas created by our designers to help achieve the final branding design.