Daisybank House.

Graphic design, branding and website project.


Daisybank’s owners approached us to create branding and advertising for the centre as it was being transformed from a care home to a business centre. It was important that the people of Cheadle understood that a building that had stood empty for a long time, was once again being put to use and would bring business and people to the town.

The timescale for the project was quite tight as the centre was due to open at the end of the summer in 2018. The website would also need to be easy to update for the staff managing the building.


We visited the business centre as it we being renovated and discussed at length, what the owners were looking to achieve. From this, we were then able to produce a visual concept, leading to the final logo design for the centre.

Once we had completed the branding work, we met with the building manager to ask her the main aim of the website, from her point of view and the point of view of the tenants who would be renting offices in the building. We understood that simplicity was key here, together with the flexibility to allow the site to be updated with events and news in the future.

We developed a site that works perfectly without having to scroll down the pages on large devices. All of the information can be seen at once on each page, which was exactly what the customer wanted.

Yellow Circle created our website, and brand design, for our newly opened serviced office building. We were very pleased with the outcome and were very impressed with their professional and creative approach. We would definitely recommend them.

– Daisybank House

Above we have images of the website we designed for Daisybank house. The website is mobile friendly and super easy for the staff at the business centre to update. Below this is an example of invitations/posters we designed for the opening of the business centre.