DigiTacho Analysis.

Branding and Website Design Project.


Digi Tacho was a little behind the times when they approached us looking, initially for a re-brand and then for a website re-design. Their business was running well, but the image they were presenting of the company did not reflect the professionalism and level of service they gave to customers. 

They needed to be modernised and streamlined and needed something that would adapt as their business grew and changed. That’s exactly what we delivered to them, with a new corporate identity and a new, fully updatable website.


We held a strategy meeting, looking at the way the company currently conducted their business and how they would want to move forward in the future. We also had a design meeting to determine things like preferred colours and to explore different typography options. From there we produced visual concepts for the logo and branding, taking care to ensure that design worked in a variety of applications. As is common during design prototyping. the client liked different elements from different designs we produced, so we tweaked and refined until we had the definitive logo for them.

When the branding was finalised, we moved onto the development of the website. We wanted to modernise the company’s online presence, so we custom designed a website that used large, bold imagery and fonts.

“Absolutely fantastic service. The guys and girls at Yellow Circle were very creative, professional and passionate about their work. They helped us to bring our business into the modern age of website design and gave us a fresh new brand we can take forward.”

– DigiTacho Analysis

Above: An image of the website concepts designed during the development of the website.