Mee Time.

Branding and graphic design.


Mee Time has worked with us for a number of years. They approached us looking for a re-brand of their home care business. Their brief was to create a friendly and caring design, that was bright and fresh, something not always associated with elderly care. They were also looking to have a brochure, leaflets and business cards designed.

We had to strike the right balance in the design to communicate the caring side of the business, ensuring that clients of Mee Time would feel safe and would be well looked after.


We created several logo designs initially, all quite different to set the tone for the rest of the brand. The staff at Mee Time actually had a bit of difficulty choosing the one they liked the best, as there were multiple designs they loved. We chatted with them about the various options and a final design was chosen. Once the logo was done, we moved onto the brochure design.

This was the first brochure that Mee Time had ever had produced and they were looking for some guidance in this area. We were more than happy to help and gave them help and advice. They were very happy with the outcome.

Finally, we moved onto the business card and A5 leaflet designs. By this time the staff at Mee Time were feeling comfortable and confident in their new brand – the feedback we have had from them has been very positive.

Excellent service – able to identify exactly what we needed and – really nice people to deal with!

– Mee Time

When we design a logo for a customer, we provide a style guide document, as standard. A style guide makes it easy for our customers to use their logo anywhere they want as they can give the guide to their printer, who will then have all of the technical information about the logo, such as pantone colour references, typography used and how the logo can be used for different applications. A style guide ensures consistency of the brand for our customer.