Power Supply Projects.

Website design and build project.


Power Supply Projects already had a website when they first contacted us. They were looking for a re-build and re-design that presented their company in a more contemporary way and re-organised information on the site into a more concise and logical order. They were also looking to have a website that they could easily update.


To get this project off the ground, we first had to hold a meeting with staff from Power Supply Projects to find out what their key ‘pain points’ were with their existing website and also to determine what information they wished to keep, what they wanted to discard and what they wanted to make more concise. We held a design consultation meeting with them before producing the first prototype. 

As our doors are always open to clients, we had several meetings with them throughout the design process, ensuring that we designed the site exactly as they needed it. The home page used a non-traditional vertical slider, something that, when we pitched the idea, the client loved.

Once the initial home page design was finalised we were able to move onto designing other pages of the site, whilst the dev team coded up the home page. This approach is common practice for us – it allows us to constantly evolve the project and we reached the deadline on time and within budget. 

“Great team to work with. Full of creative ideas and very accommodating. Yellow Circle quickly understood what we wanted and helped us achieve it. We are very happy with the new website.”

– Power Supply Projects

Above is an image of the artboard of designs we built when creating the website design for Power Supply Projects. Below is a concept image showcasing the website on a desktop computer.