Website design & development project.


Ruskin Community High School approached us, looking for help in designing and developing their new website. They explained that a lot of parents of children who attended their school did not speak English as their first language and were not always able to read updates on their old website In addition to this, the staff at the school found their old website was not easy to update. They needed a new site that would server parents from a range of different backgrounds and would allow the staff at the school to post updates and news quickly and easily.




We had extensive meetings with the school about how their new website could better support them and the parents of the children. With this in mind, the new website has an events calendar, easy access to ParentPay and an always accessible search bar. As English is a second language for some parents/carers, the new website provides multiple language options, and pages are translated instantly.

The website has over 60 pages; we wanted to improve access to the information, so all the pages have been categorised using dropdowns and submenus making it quick and easy to navigate on computers, phones and tablet devices. The new events calendar allows the school to add term time dates and upcoming events. The calendar can also be exported as a PDF to allow parents/carers to print the document easily.

The finished website provides an easy to use experience and enables the school to keep parents, carers and pupils informed.