OK so I’m assuming I’ve already lost some of you, that’s probably not because you’re not interested but rather the fact that you’ve been given a million different pieces of advice to date on this subject. We’re going to look at the simple uncomplicated way to make a splash in the ocean of keywords/meta-tags and descriptions that seem to be whirling around the web…

Ready?…Then I shall begin…

Keep it Unique– Make sure you use unique title tags and descriptions in every page, even though this seems quite obvious it is still the major player to make Google your best buddie. Include your SEO keywords in your content but ensure your text on the page doesn’t read gibberish, make sure it makes sense to the HUMAN reading it. Keep your title tags to around 70 characters and your descriptions to about 155 characters.

Keep it Real!– In the light of the recent Penguin update Google has started to reward sites that are natural looking so don’t use hidden links, hidden text or sneaky redirects, instead of trying to fool Google, treat it like a human, understand that it doesn’t like to manipulated which is why it’s important to observe these simple guidelines.

Its all about those 301 redirects– If you’re moving to a new site make sure that you 301 redirect the old websites links to your new pages. It is important to use the same process if you have a few domain names, ensure one domain name is the dominant one and redirect the existing ones to it. When you do this you will be avoiding any content duplication issues and will retain your valued backlinks from the old site.

Don’t forget your own locality– Make sure you optimise your site for local search results, you can also create a listing for your website in local search engines and other directories such as Yahoo Local and Google Places.

Don’t Cheat – We say it every day yet some people simply want the short cuts to get to the top, and you may get there, for a few days! The new Google update has hit people using spammy links and blog networks very hard. If you get caught your site will leave page 1 and enter cyber-oblivion in no time! Beware of link building packages that look too good to be  true, in our experience they usually are. Build your links naturally through actively updated content, interaction with your building audience and creating relationships. Remember its all about being human!

This has just been a taster of the things you need to do to make Google look lovingly at your website, the more you’re liked, the higher you get. The higher you get, the more hits you get. The more hits you get, the more chance a new contact will call. SIMPLES 🙂

This article was written by Kate Hazeldine, the Sales Director at Yellow Circle Web Solutions Limited. Kate has over 15 years experience in Sales and marketing. If you would like to speak to Kate about how she can help your website generate more business email her.

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