The significant advantages of a brand refresh

This article was written by Abbie, at Yellow Circle



If you’re a long-established business, you don’t want to lose your identity or the reputation you have created. However, now and again, your brand requires refreshing and modernising. A brand refresh is a great option if you want to inject new energy into your business and maintain your existing brand reputation.

n this post, we will share the difference between a rebrand and a brand refresh and how to know if it’s right for you.

Firstly, what’s the difference between a rebrand and a brand refresh?

A rebrand 
Rebranding is a total transformation. This includes overhauling your existing brand image. It could mean redesigning your logo, updating your slogan, changing your colour pallet and/or designing new marketing materials.

A brand refresh 
A brand refresh is about modernising your existing brand image by improving, refining and refreshing your current logo, slogan, colour pallet and/or marketing materials.

What are the benefits of a brand refresh?

A brand refresh can help you maintain your existing audience, create more precise messaging, and reflect your evolving products or services. It’s a great option if you feel your current brand is working for your business. If that’s the case, your company visuals may benefit from an update rather than a complete overhaul.

What are the signs that your business needs a brand refresh?

Your business has changed.
Since opening the doors to your business, your products and services have likely evolved. Your target market may also have changed. Your brand should communicate this. The last thing you want is to confuse prospects about what you do, so updating your brand to reflect this is essential.

Your branding is inconsistent.
Suppose you’re using 2 different logos, 6 different fonts, 4 different shades of the same colour. You’re going to struggle to create a professional and memorable image. Consistency is vital when advertising your brand in any form.

Your competitors stand out.
We recommend looking at your competitors brand with a critical eye – look at their logo, colour palette, fonts, brand images and social media graphics. How do you feel your brand comes across to your customers in comparison? Better? Worse? Try not to be biased.

A great example of a brand refresh

“Over the years, Starbucks has continually refreshed their logos and packaging design without losing their core image. The green colour scheme, Starbucks siren, and branding have also carried over to their stores, website, online branding, gifts, and all other packagings. Maintaining a logo that features many distinct colours can be costly. Relying on green instead can still provide an eye-catching, colourful option without the clutter of various distinct colours. When a green and white logo is all you need to become instantly recognisable, you know you’ve created successful packaging.” – Branding Times

Change gets customers’ attention. A brand refresh is a way to draw attention to your business and better reflect the evolution of your products or services. 

Eventually, every brand needs to change, and this is where Yellow Circle can help. We’re a team of designers, developers and marketers who create meaningful and purposeful brands built to last and built for success. We take great care in communicating your brand’s vision, values, culture and personality whilst ensuring that you stand out from your competitors.To discuss your brand in more detail, please call 01782 279203. We will always provide honest and open advice about what we believe will drive your business forward.