Things you can do for FREE to enhance your website presence while you have to work from home

This article was written by Yellow Circle Staff, at Yellow Circle

Promote your business for free whilst you have to work from home

As we all get used to working from our homes due to the current situation with COVID-19 it’s important that we don’t forget the one entity that can constantly work for us – our websites. At Yellow Circle, we are encouraging our clients to take this time to work on their websites, ensuring that the information on there is up to date, relevant and presenting their business in the best possible way, after all, the one thing that people are using even more than normal is the internet. We have some tips below for you, free advice, for some things you can do to help promote your website and get found by people searching for the service or products your business (usually) provides. And believe me people, they ARE still searching for you.

Google My Business

Make sure your company is listed on Google My Business Google My Business allows you to create a profile for your business. This profile lets you easily connect with customers across Google Search and Maps. I’m sure you’ve used Google Maps before, so you know what a great service it is. Your business, along with key details such as opening times, the services you provide, reviews and even photographs can be added to your profile giving people searching for what you provide an instant overview of your company.

To get started, you will need a google account, which you can create for free and then you need to sign up here.

Facebook business pages

Make sure your company has a business page on Facebook We all know about Facebook. It’s everywhere. For many people its a part of their daily routine, for both work and personal reasons. Your business should be listed on Facebook. It’s an important way to brand your company and actually gain new business. At Yellow Circle, several of our design projects have come to fruition through people contacting us via our Facebook page.

Ok, so to get a business page on Facebook, you MUST have a personal account first. You have to link your business page to a personal account. Now, that doesn’t mean that people searching for your business on Facebook will see all of your personal posts or memes. So please don’t worry about that. What it does mean, is that you can create your business page, and provide a great deal of information about your business. You can sign up to Facebook by visiting

Facebook works on the basis of ‘likes’ if someone likes your page, they will be notified when you post an update or some new information. Building your audience can take time, but a sure-fire way to start is to contact your customers and contacts and ask them to like your page. After all, if you don’t tell them about it they aren’t going to know you’ve created a page to like.

It’s important to not lose sight of the fact that we will come through this challenging time and our businesses need to carry on. Spend some time on your online presence now and reap the rewards later. Its a no-brainer.

LinkedIn Company Page

Promote your company and connect to other business professionals with LinkedIn LinkedIn is used by millions of people every day by business owners, employees and colleagues to find and connect with other business professionals. Like Facebook, you can have a personal, professional profile as well as a page for your company. As an example here is our company page

Every business has the right to ‘claim’ their business page. Once done, you should encourage your staff to sign up and create their profile too. That way they can be associated with your business and you’re providing a human element to your business immediately.

When your page is set up you can use it to post updates, share articles you have written, ask advice and keep people informed of everything going on at your company – even though you’re working from home right now, you won’t always be. Take this time to set up your company page properly. Use a good quality version of your logo/brand and present your business in the best possible way.


Yellow Circle is highly recommended on FreeIndex - ,make sure your business is too FreeIndex is a directory service with a very active community, via their forums where you can list your business, add special offers, share images and updates, get reviews from people that have used your business service or bought your products and provide help, advice and guidance to other business owners.

The forums on the site are a really good way to explore new business opportunities and provide advice to people who are seeking it. At Yellow Circle, we have made several connections and won a number of different contracts through the Free Index forums. Another positive aspect of the site is that it allows you to upload a gallery of images to promote your business and its services and products. You can provide a detailed caption for each image too and although there is a limit on the number of images you can upload (40), you can swap and change them as you wish.

Finally, in a similar way to sites like Trip Advisor, you can ask other people to review your business. The reviews are shown to people viewing your company information, so its a very positive way to instil confidence in prospective customers. Here’s a link to Yellow Circle on FreeIndex on there, as you can see we have a number of very positive reviews and have achieved the ‘highly recommended’ status on a national level.

Final thoughts

Sometimes, in the face of adversity and the unknown, it can be difficult to motivate yourself to carry on. Please, don’t ignore this time to improve your online presence, make new business connections and make the most of your business’ image. If you’re not using the services we have mentioned above, your competitors may be. And when this is all over and we return to normality, you’re going to need your business to be found again. Take the time now, move forwards, be noticed and above all. Stay safe.