Where to check on your website for outdated content?

This article was written by Yellow Circle Staff, at Yellow Circle



Your website is one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your business, so making sure content is up to date, and relevant is incredibly important. In this post, we will be covering where to look for outdated content on your website.

We encourage you to open your website in a new tab so you can easily cross-reference.


Your home page:

  • Is your logo correct? Is it the same on all platforms?
  • Is your phone number correct?
  • Is your banner image still relevant?
  • If you have a services section, are all your primary services correct?
  • In the footer, is the correct year next to the copyright symbol (©)?


Your blog page:

  • When was the last time that you posted?

Consider blocking out a few hours a week to start updating your blog with FAQs, industry news or company updates. The posts don’t have to be 1000s of words long; they can be short and straight to the point!


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If updating your blog isn’t possible, think about what you want to do with this page. Deleting content should be a last resort, but if a page can’t be improved or updated, it’s best to say goodbye to it.

Capturing attention through business social media profiles can be more difficult for brands than individuals, encouraging your team to share the message is a great way to cut through the noise.


Your events pages:

  • When was the last event?

If it was over a year ago, consider hiding the events page. If Coronavirus has affected your circumstances and delayed your events, consider mentioning this on the page.


Your projects page:

  • When was your last project added?

If it was updated over a year ago, consider changing the layout to a gallery and only having images, it would be quicker for you to keep on top of.


Contact page:

  • Is your phone number correct?
  • What about your address?
  • Do your social media icons link to the correct profiles?


Every website is different. We recommend you have a look through all pages on your site and make a note of anything that needs updating.

We have over 14 years of experience in website design and development. If you would like assistance overhauling your website, we can help with updating your content. Give us a call on 01782 279203 to discuss.