World of Water Website Case Study

This article was written by Abbie, at Yellow Circle



World of Water’s mission is to connect and provide resources to those responsible for water supply, treatment and disposal. The innovative idea was the winner of the Dyers Den 2020 competition, which Yellow Circle sponsored. The client was gifted branding and a bespoke website to take the business forward. World of Water approached us with a mission and an idea of connecting water professionals and how they can help them water industry professionals to be the best they can be.




The process

As the brand was built from scratch, we had full creative control of the website’s look and feel. We could also ensure consistency by matching essential elements such as logo, typography and colour palettes. We had weekly meetings to discuss ideas, designs and progress. User experience and payment processing were crucial factors. While the website was still in development, it was tested regularly by the team and the client to ensure the final product’s quality and reliability. The website’s primary goal is to encourage users to sign-up and become a member. With this in mind, integrated a membership system to prevent access to certain pages. The member area was stylised to achieve consistency with the rest of the website. Additionally, the website was provided with the functionality to offer discounted memberships. A payment subscription service was also included to allow our client to easily collect monthly membership fees. We used Stripe as the payment provider for this.




Design screenshots.



The end project

The final result is a clean, modern, easy to use the website. All the design elements which make up the website work together to communicate World of Water’s mission – to provides water professionals with a space to learn and become the best they can be. Click here to see the World of Water website.

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